'cool supply chain the ultimate aim'

MdG Consulting

Marco Del Giudice is the founder of the MDG Group comprehending MdG Ltd., MdG Consulting and MdG Academy.

MdG Cold. was founded in 2008, since then a group of experts are consulting and providing the pharmaceutical, food and logistic Industry with solutions used to protect temperature sensitive products.  The products offered are innovative and for each transportation method it is possible to find a suitable solution to meet your needs. The purpose of MdG Ltd is to be a business partner of the customer and not just a supplier. Through the different types of products offered, MdG Ltd intends to lead a substantial added value to its customers. Web page: 

MdG Consulting targets its strategic services primarily to the logistic, pharmaceutical and food industry for everything related cold chain. We offer our consultancy in matter of mapping studies for aircrafts, trucks and temperature-controlled locations, risk and Gap analysis, classroom trainings, supplier qualifications, GDP and IATA CEIV compliances and also developments of Pharma manuals.
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MdG Academy is offering a full automated E learning platform with tailormade GDP trainings, structured in basic and advanced levels. Our aim is to transfer specific “know how” in an easy, simple and not boring way. We have trainings for the warehouse staff, drivers, middle management and your suppliers.
The innovative and unique platform allows us to customize and structure the training on your needs on very high quality standards of the GDP requirements. Web page: 

All the companies are ISO 9001:2015 certified.