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Member at Large

The Member

  • This position in CCA requires time and commitment.
  • Although the general running of CCA is done via the CCA Secretariat, all problem solving are relayed to the Board via email or phone and requires their approval before executed.
  • Each member must daily answer their emails stating their opinion on various matters, in order to ensure the smooth running of the CCA Secretariat.
  • CCA Board Members meet in person 3-5 times a year for various meetings. Location varies.

Members are required to further the aims of the Association, notably by:

  • Generate new Membership
  • Use of their respective position to create contact and awareness for CCA.
  • Represent CCA to the public, at any time when necessary.

A member position is on an honorary basis and gives no right to any remuneration, so a strong company support behind the mandate, is an advantage.

About Sebastiaan Scholte ...

Sebastiaan was Chairman of the CCA from 2012 till 2017. He joined the Board of the CCA as Secretary General in July 2011. In 2017 he stepped back but remained a Member at Large.

Sebastiaan Scholte started his cargo aviation career in 1997 working in Mexico City for Aeromexpress, the cargo division of Aeromexico and Mexicana. From 1998 he was based in Madrid as VP Europe and in this function, oversaw the European cargo operations. During this period he also represented Aeromexpress in the various working groups of the Sky Team to develop the alliance’s economies of scale. 

Based in Mexico City as from 2000, he was promoted to VP Sales, Mexico and Central America, where he initiated new freighter operations and coordinated an alliance with a major Mexican courier. In 2002 Sebastiaan joined Cargolux Airlines in Sao Paulo in the role of Regional Manager, South & Central America. 

After successfully restructuring the area, he became Cargolux’ Regional Business Development Manager, Spain and Portugal in 2004. He initiated Cargolux’ Portugal operations, while at the same time completing a Global Executive MBA at the IESE Business School. 

From 2006 till 2010 Sebastiaan was Head of Marketing & Special Projects, based at Cargolux’ headquarters in Luxembourg. In this function he was leading and coordinating various strategic projects, marketing analysis and commercial communication. 

Since April 2010 he is the CEO of Jan de Rijk Logistics, based in Roosendaal the Netherlands. Jan de Rijk, based in the Netherlands, is a leading provider of transportation and distribution services, operating a large, modern and diversified fleet of 650 vehicles across Europe. The company also offers event logistics, retail distribution, Intermodal, homecare and warehousing services. Jan de Rijk has 24 offices in 13 countries and employs more than 1080 staff in Europe.