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Vienna Airport Ground Handling Services

Your Reliable Partner in Quality / Efficiency / Safety / Speed

Vienna Airport Handling Services, the specialist business area of Flughafen Wien AG for ground and freight handling services at Vienna Airport, is notable for its customer orientation, quality and speed.

The cargo installations at Vienna Airport have direct and central access to the apron and a feeder road to the A4 motorway. This ensures rapid cargo handling for all concerned. Vienna’s special position compared with other airports in the catchment area is backed by services such as:

  • ramp transfer
  • short transfer times
  • handling of bulk good transports
  • 24/7 operation
  • IATA standard SGH/Annex A and/or special agreements
  • jointly developed handling packages in accordance with individual customer requirements
  • short handling times (reference)

Unless otherwise agreed, physical cargo handling is on the basis of IATA SGHA 2004 according to AHM 24th Edition 2004 and the liability regulations therein and the relevant provisions of the VIE Freight Handling Regulations as most recently amended.